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Teapot - Sterling silver, 22k gold, bone. Held in the private collection of the Kamm Teapot Foundation



Bloomington, IN
• Master of Fine Arts degree – Metalsmithing & Jewelry Design
• Provisional Art Teacher Certification in the state of Maine
• Completed course work – K-12 Teaching Certification in Art Education

THE UNIVERSITY OF AUCKLAND at Manukau Institute of Technology
Manukau City, New Zealand
• US Fulbright Scholar
• Post Graduate Diploma of Visual Arts

Rochester, NY
• Bachelor of Fine Arts degree – Metalsmithing & Jewelry Design
• Concentration – Perspective on Religions


• Precious & semiprecious metals & gemstones (Gold, silver, copper, brass, steel, diamonds, rubies, tourmaline, etc.)
• Alternative materials (Enamel, resin, stone, bone, plastic, wood, found objects)
• Ceramics/Pottery (Hand building & wheel throwing)
• Painting (Predominately Acrylic on board/canvas)
• Photoshop – Digital manipulation of imagery


August 2016 – Present
Art Instructor & Advisor

• Courses taught: Drawing 1, Drawing 2, Painting, Sculpture and Darkroom (Black & White) Photography.
• Develops curriculum and implements a variety of proficiency based assessments.
• Performs technical demonstrations and provides lectures relevant to the subject matter.
• Facilitates critiques with an emphasis on logical arguments supported with evidence.
• Identifies material and equipment needs and handles part of the ordering for the department.
• Mentor to 8 students – Performs role as academic counselor and advocate.

January 2017 - Present

• Courses taught: 3D Design.
• Instructs students in core concepts specific to three-dimensional artwork.
• Assignments focus on design/industry concerns for 3D work as well as fine art/sculpture concerns & aesthetics.
• Facilitates group work and team activities as well as individual art making.
• Designs curriculum, assignments, and grading systems.
• Incorporates historical & contemporary artists into courses.
• Invites members of the public to engage with students about their artwork and arranges field trips, beneficial for students.
• Determines material/tool needs for course and secures supplies.
• Supplements in class work time with lectures, presentations, critiques and readings from textbook.

January 3, 2009 – April 29, 2011 & January 1, 2013 –2016
Assistant Professor – Metalsmithing & Jewelry

• Courses taught: Intro to Holloware, Holloware 2, Senior Studio, Advanced Techniques 1, Advanced Techniques 2, Intermediate: Casting & Mold Making, Jewelry Methods 2 and Steel Techniques for Jewelers.
• Techniques covered: Angle & crimp raising, forging, sinking, creating anticlastic and synclastic forms, patination, pouring ingots, tube making, hydraulic press and die form construction, casting, mold making, keumboo application, etching, limited production work, faceted stone setting, cabochon stone setting, chasing and repoussé work, steel tool making, fabricating catches and mechanisms, damascene inlay, and approaches to surface embellishment.
• Have experience with enameling and anodizing and working knowledge of resin, wood and stone inlay.
• Instructed students in proper techniques of photographing and documenting artwork.
• Held regular office hours and advised undergraduate and graduate students on academic issues, technical, conceptual and design problems, possible career options as well as business and marketing advice.
• Have a working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
• Headed Visiting Artist Committee for Jan 2010: contacted, recruited and coordinated visiting artist lecture and workshop. Instrumental in bringing visiting artist to NSCAD in Nov. 2010 and Feb. 2011.

Sept 2011 – June 2012
Artist in Residence & Instructor

• Taught Art Foundations which covered: Introductory drawing skills, the fundamentals of 2-dimensional design, color theory and its application, introductory painting, concerns of 3-dimensional design and introductory ceramics.
• Taught Intro to Metalsmithing and Jewelry Making, which covered many of the essential skills required for the medium. (Refer to courses I taught at NSCAD)
• Taught evening Metalsmithing AND Ceramics/Pottery Throwing workshops to the greater Augusta community.
• Assisted with coaching the Outing Club: Acted as guide and instructor for students on hiking trips, canoeing and kayaking excursions, etc.

Associate Instructor / Instructor of Record – 3D Design Foundations

• Taught 4 semesters of 3D Design Foundations.
• Provided students with a comprehensive understanding of both 3D design theory and studio practice.
• Emphasized the Elements and principles of design, the Psychology of design, Object/ground relationships, Multiple vantage points, Structural considerations as visual considerations, Methods for effective critiquing, Color theory and Exposure to contemporary 3D artists.
• Instructed students in materials such as Wood, Steel Wire, Plaster, Stone, Clay, Cardboard, Fabric, PVC Pipe, Upholstery Foam, Found objects and Acrylic paint and demonstrated how to manipulated these materials through processes such as carving, joining, additive and subtractive modeling, and a range of fabrication techniques.
• Provided the entire 3D Department and students with illustrated, procedural handouts that I made for techniques such as: Working with clay, Constructing with wood, Carving with plaster and stone and Manipulating steel wire to name a few.
• Gave students readings focused on the visual arts from writers such as Tolstoy, and guided students through the process of analyzing the text in class discussions.
• Introduced a “wearable sculpture” component to the foundations curriculum, which required students to explore the interaction between form, space and the body. Students later performed in their constructions with great enthusiasm, hinting at the potential for a possible collaborative project between the Fine Arts and Theater Departments in the future.

2004 - Present
CAMP LAUREL: Interarts Dept.
Department Head of Metalsmithing

• Instructs 6 jewelry and metalsmithing classes (to approximately 120 students, ages 7 - 15) in the traditional art and techniques of the medium.
• Facilitates critiques and discussion about aesthetics.
• Introduces students to both historical and contemporary artists.
• Designs projects to challenge students both technically and conceptually and cater to a wide range of ages and artistic abilities.
• Manages a staff of 3 studio assistants.
• Responsible for anticipating the needs of the studio and oversees the ordering of all supplies, tools and equipment.
• Keeps tools and equipment in proper working order and performs minor repairs when necessary.
• Helps coordinate an area wide art show.
• Provides tours of the studio to outside groups and interested parties.

2004 - Present

• Owner, Metal Artist, Painter, Designer. Constructs and designs hand-made jewelry and art pieces out of gold, silver and precious stones. Also produces one-of-a-kind painted works on canvas.

Artist in Residence
Rochester, New York

• Gave demonstrations, which included stone setting and stamping applications and taught metal working techniques to new students.

Pittsford, New York

• Fabricated high-end jewelry, predominately 18k and 22k gold earrings and necklaces with diamonds.

Production Silversmith, Assistant to the Manager/Head Silversmith.
Attleboro, Massachusetts

• Handled advanced soldering applications of large silver pieces in mass quantities. Supplied work to Tiffany & Co.


Selected Exhibitions

2019 MAINE CRAFT ASSOCIATION: TEN YEARS OF MASTER CRAFT ARTISTS: Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton, Massachusetts

2017 SQUARE: Harlow Gallery, Hallowell, Maine

2017 RAW SPACE: Augusta Art Walk, Augusta, Maine

2016 JKC LAS VEGAS: Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada

2015 TRANSFORMATIONS: Bevier Gallery, Rochester, New York

2015 NATIONAL ART ENCOUNTER: The von Liebig Art Center, Naples Art Association, Naples, Florida

2014 RPT EXHIBITION: Anna Leonowens Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

2014 MEMBERS SHOW: Harlow Gallery, Hallowell, Maine

2013 ART IN CRAFT MEDIA 2013: Burchfield Penney Art Center, Buffalo, New York

2013 ELEMENTS: Annmarie Sculpture Garden and Art Center, Dowell, Maryland

2013 LAYERS OF MAINE: SOLO PAINTING EXHIBITION: Harlow Gallery Annex, Augusta, Maine

2012 THE TEAPOT REDEFINED: Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, Massachusetts (Work purchased for private collection by the Kamm Teapot Foundation)

2012 APPALACIAN CENTER FOR CRAFTS FACULTY EXHIBITION, ACC Gallery and Tennessee Tech. University, Smithville, Tennessee

2012 KENTS HILL ART EXHIBITION: The Maine Lakes Resource Center, Belgrade Lakes, Maine

2010-2011 METAL ARTS INVITATIONAL EXHIBITION: Bevier Gallery, Rochester, New York

2010 CREATIVE NOVA SCOTIA GALA: Pier 21, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

2010 ARTIFACTS OF FANTASY: SOLO SHOW, The Gallery, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

2009 ARTIFACTS OF FANTASY: SOLO SHOW, Anna Leonowens Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

2008 SOFA Chicago: Stack Ring Show, Yaw Gallery, Festival Hall/Navy Pier, Chicago, Illinois

2008 ARTIFACTS OF FANTASY, Indiana University Art Museum, Bloomington, Indiana

2008 REFLECTIONS IN METAL, Fuller Gallery, Bloomington, Indiana

2008 OVERFLOW EXHIBITION, Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, Georgia

2007-2008 EXPLORING BOUNDARIES: Evolutionary Metal, Bevier Gallery, Rochester, New York.

2007 METAL ART EXHIBITION, Foundry Art Centre, St. Charles, Missouri

2007 MULTIPLES: The Art of Repetition, Heidi Lowe Gallery, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

2006 DAZZLE: Contemporary Art Jewelry and Auction, SoFA Gallery, Bloomington, Indiana

2005-2006 WEARABLE EXPRESSIONS, Palos Verdes Art Center, Rancho Palos Verdes, California

2004-2005 200 RINGS (traveling) EXHIBITION, Velvet da Vinci Gallery, Obsidian Gallery, Gallery M, & Sam Shaw Gallery, Northeast Harbor, Maine

2004 EXCHANGE EXHIBITION, Konkuk University, South Korea – Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York

2004 LA PETITE XI, Alder Gallery, Coburg, Oregon

2004 STONE/S: A Piece of Rock for a Specific Function, Saint Louis Artists’ Guild, St. Louis, Missouri

2003 NECKWEAR IV, Masterworks Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand

2003 NEW TO NEW ZEALAND: Exhibition of Artists Born Overseas and Now Living in New Zealand, Masterworks Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand

2002 OF PEOPLE AND ART: Interpretive Visions,” The Huntington House Museum, Windsor, Connecticut

2002 AMALGAMATE – National Student Metals Invitational, Slocumb Galleries, East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, Tennessee

2002 FOUR PERSON SHOW, Mill Gallery, Rochester, New York

2000 THE LANGUAGE OF HANDS EXHIBITION, The Society for Contemporary Crafts, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


2019 Master Craft Artist Award, Lifetime Membership, Maine Craft Association

2016 1st Place, Saul Bell Design Award (Hollowware/Art Objects), International competition

2015 Award of Merit, NATIONAL ART ENCOUNTER: The von Liebig Art Center, Naples Art Association, Naples, Florida

2012 1st Place, Saul Bell Design Award (Hollowware/Art Objects), International competition

2011 Dunn, Russell & Jacobs Fund – Honorarium recognizing excellence in teaching

2009 1st Place, NICHE Professional Award (Metal: Sculptural)

2009 1st Place, NICHE Professional Award (Jewelry: Silver)

2008 Think Tank 3 Fellowship – Symposium/seminar for university educators teaching Foundation Art programs (competitive grant, nominated and awarded)

2008 Robert Harrison Scholarship for excellence in metalsmithing and jewelry design

2006 NICHE Student Award Finalist (Metal: Non-wearable, Functional)

2005-2006 The Chancellor’s List, For academic achievement

2005-2006 1st Place (Associates Award) WEARABLE EXPRESSIONS, Palos Verdes Art Center, Rancho Palos Verdes, California

2003-2004 US Fulbright Grant to New Zealand

2002 2nd Place in OF PEOPLE AND ART: Interpretive Visions, The Huntington House Museum, Windsor, Connecticut

1999 Aaron Rosenstrike Award from the School For American Crafts, Rochester Institute of Technology

1998 Pinnacle Award in Graphic Design, American Institute for Graphic Arts

1998 Best of Design Award, The Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum


2019 Magazine: Art Maine, 2019 Annual Guide. Showcasing 91 of Maine's most collectable artists.

2017 Book: Tales from the Toolbox: Narrative Jewellery

2016 Book: Acrylic Works 4: The Best of Acrylic Painting – Captivating Color. Jamie Markle

2015 Magazine: Metalsmith, (Vol. 35, No. 5). A SNAG publication. Artwork featured on the front cover. Interview with me inside.

2013 Book: Showcase 500 Art Necklaces. Lark Books

2011 Book: Earrings. Lark Studio Series

2011 Book: New Rings: 500+ Designs from Around the World. Nicolas Estrada

2010 Book: 21st Century Jewelry: The Best of the 500 Series. Lark Books

2010 Book: 500 Silver Jewelry Designs. Lark Books

2010 Publication: The Telegraph Journal, March 20, Salon: Fredericton’s Fantastic Planet. Editor Mike Landry

2007 Book: 500 Metal Vessels. Lark Books

2007 Book: Best of America Jewelry Artists & Artisans Vol 1. Kennedy Publishing

2007 Book: 500 Earrings. Lark Books

2006 Book: Making Metal Beads, Techniques, Projects, Inspiration. Lark Books

2006 Book: The Art & Craft of Making Jewelry, A Complete Guide to Essential Techniques. Lark Books

2005 Book: Fabulous Jewelry from Found Objects. Lark Books

2004 Publication: The Buffalo News, Oct 27, Burchfield Exhibit Showcases the Artistry of Crafts

2004 Book: 1000 Rings, Inspiring Adornments for the Hand. Lark Books.

Workshops & Lectures

2018 Lecture: Mace, Concept to Completion – University of Maine at Augusta, Augusta, Maine

2016 Workshop Given: Primitive Casting Techniques – Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre. Saint Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada

2016 Lecture: Mace, Concept to Completion – University of Maine at Augusta, Augusta, Maine

2016 Lecture: Mace, Concept to Completion – Artsworth, Ellsworth, Maine

2015 Workshop Given: Molten Metal! – Cuttlefish Casting. For Art Teachers Association of Nova Scotia. NSCAD University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

2015 Lecture: Mace, Concept to Completion – New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

2014 Workshop Given: Embellishment – Objects of Adornment, Roller Printed Pendant. For Art Teachers Association of Nova Scotia. NSCAD University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

2013 Workshop Given: Moving Metal. For Art Teachers Association of Nova Scotia. NSCAD University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

2013 Workshop/Lecture Given: Introduction to Fabrication Techniques – Windsor High School, Windsor, Connecticut

2012 Guest Juror for the University of Maine at Augusta, Student Art Exhibition, Charles Danforth Gallery, Augusta, Maine

2011-2012 Workshop Given: 8 Week Intro to Metalsmithing and Jewelry Making: Hollow Constructed Rings – Kents Hill School, Kents Hill, Maine

2011 Workshop Given: 8 Week Intro to Metalsmithing and Jewelry Making: Hollow Constructed Rings – Kents Hill School, Kents Hill, Maine

2010 Workshop Given: Anticlastic and Synclastic Forming – New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

2010 Workshop Given: Stone Setting – New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

2010 Lecture: Work and Influences – New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

2009 Lecture: Work and Influences – Anna Leonowens Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Committee Work

2018 Mentor for University of Maine Augusta. Program for students in their final year to connect with professional artists for guidance.

2013 NSCAD Portfolio Day. Reviewed portfolios of prospective students and advised them on ways they could enhance their application. Forwarded recommendations on to the university.

2010 In charge of search, contact, greeting and facilitation of workshops for Visiting Artist Leonard Urso at NSCAD University.

2010 Assisted with logistics surrounding Visiting Artist Donald Stuart’s arrival and workshops at NSCAD University.

2010 Responsible for recruiting Visiting Artist, Rebecca Annand to give CAD-CAM & Jewelry lecture at NSCAD University.

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