Large Bead Necklaces

I was introduced to the technique of stamping during my years as an undergraduate metals student in college. I became enthralled with the highly precise and time consuming process of making my own stamping tools and carving the patterns by hand into the steel bars. After I created over fifty varieties of stamps I then began generating patterns for my bead work.

These pieces are approximately the size of a US Quarter. Each necklace is set with two gemstones and the pattern can be seen on both sides. Gemstones do not always photograph true to life. Their colors and sparkle are often much richer and more brilliant in person. Depending on what type of gemstone you choose, the Large Silver Bead Necklaces typically cost $215. All patterns are also available in 18 karat gold with diamonds (as seen in the first photograph below). A Large 18 karat Gold Bead Necklace with two diamonds (approx .21ct total) and a 16 inch gold cable costs around $2,500 but is dependent on the market at the time of purchase. Silver pieces are only available online and through me directly. Gold pieces are available online and through galleries. The five patterns are: Daisy, Callisto, Sunflower, Snowflake, and Scallop.

* Prices may vary depending on the current precious metals market. I'd be happy to give you the exact figure for that day over the phone or by email.

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